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Our price quotation for coach, minibus or passenger car hire is totally free and non – binding.
Please fill in the form in detail. It will help us to optimize our quotation and meet your expectations. Call HOTLINE if your requirement is very urgent, if you need help with filling in the form or any other assistance.
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Please fill in your details. The phone number is required for the purposes of supplementing the information needed for price offer.

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Choose from the listed categories. If you need price quotation for more types of vehicles, please write your requirement into column *Transport specification and clients requirements

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*Transport specification and clients requirements
Please fill in all additional information to your journey (route with planned stops, departure times, etc.) or attach your itinerary (file max. 2 MB).

For longer journeys – in order to provide an accurate offer, we require a list of stops and day to day schedule. This information must include the Pick-Up locations on the way to your destination and also on the way back. The easiest option is to attach your itinerary. A member of our team will contact you if we need more info.

Time requirement
Average speed*: Tour coach ( 20 – 84 seats) 70 km/h, Minibus (9 – 20 seats) 80 km/h, Passenger Car and Minivan (100 km / h)
* Drivers rest periods already included in the average speed. More information on: Working time of drivers.

You will receive an offer inclusive of all transportation costs. Any possible extra costs will be highlighted in your price calculation.

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